Love’s Labour’s Lost

Young Valentine travels to Milan to find his fortune, but instead falls for the fair Silvia, daughter of the Duke. His world is turned upside down when his best friend Proteus abandons his love Julia in Verona to woo Silvia for himself. With a pair of bumbling servants and a dog, it’s a lively Shakespearean comedy about the complexities of love, lust and friendship. Set in the 1910’s Mediterranean Countryside.


Biron – Michael Mandato
Longaville – Zach Johnson
Dumain – David DiMarzo
Rosaline – Jess Ader-Ferretti
Maria – Danielle (Elle) Lucksted
Katherine – Ana McCasland
Fereninad and Armado – Michael Limone
Princess and Jaquenetta – Nicole Intravia-Brown Costard – Richard O’Sullivan
Boyet – Joe DiPietro
Moth – Dani Christie
Anthony Dull – Zach Rudd
Holofernes – Dean Schildkraut
Nathaniel – Christian Harris
Swing (Male Presenting Roles) – Jae Hughes

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