Loyal general Macbeth returns home from winning a battle and is discussing the military’s victory with his friend Banquo when they are unexpectedly confronted by three witches. The mysterious trio present an ominous prophecy—that Macbeth will be King of Scotland. But what does that mean for current monarch King Duncan? Macbeth is urged by his wife to kill the king and fulfill the prophecy, spurred by shared grief over a lost child and a desperation to revive their erstwhile family legacy. This one unnatural scheme unravels their entire existence. Ambition turns to corruption as the Macbeths descend further into a darkness from which there is no return. Our “Macbeth” will be taking inspiration from the American folk horror tales that haunted 1800s New England


Macbeth: Andrew Murano

Lady Macbeth: Mary Caulfield

First Witch: Emily Nadler

Second Witch: Katie Murano

Third Witch: Emily Gates

Macduff: Jae Hughes

Malcolm: Luke Hampson

Banquo/Lord: Gio Marine

Ross: Alex Piteris

Duncan/Doctor: Bryan McGowan

Porter/Siward: Tim Watkins

Donalbain/Young Siward: Liz Ryan

Lady Macduff/Lord: Meg Ryder

Fleance/Soldier: Aster Loverde

Boy/Lord: Nico Mastrodi

Lennox: Brooke Morabito

Angus: Kristina Erwin

Sergeant/Lord/Menteith: Stefan Pallotta

Hecate/Old Woman: Joan St. Onge

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