Our Spaces

The “Carriage House Theatre” Space

The Carriage House Theatre is our more intimate performance space as well as the inspiration for our company’s name. It seats about 75 people and is the perfect atmosphere for contemporary dramas and comedies. The smaller space provides the opportunity to interact with the audience and to stage performances in such a way that makes the audience feel like they’re a part of the world of the play. This is one of our favorite characteristics of this charming space.


The Vanderbilt Mansion “Courtyard” Stage

The beauty of Vanderbilt Courtyard Stage has worked its magic on all of our staff and keeps us coming back every year with enthusiasm for our Summer Shakespeare Festival. We encourage people to bring a picnic to our show and take in the fantastic view.  This space is used during the summer months and has plenty of space, so invite your friends and spread the word! Being an outdoor venue, however, we do occasionally get rained out. For cancellation inquiries due to weather please call: 516-557-1207




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